Taste of Life Tours with Robert Gherardi

Taste of Life Tours with Robert Gherardi

Our Story

I am a second generation Australian and a pure blood, dual citizen Italian as well. My full set of grandparents immigrated to Australia from the alps of Valtellina on the Swiss/Austrian border within Italy, in the early 1900’s. I grew up with the real Italian influence of family, food and wine being an integral part of my life.

This lead me to study Viticulture (grape growing) and Oenology (winemaking) at university and thus wine became my job. Through wine I had the opportunity to move to Italy with my wife Kellie and our two children Lilly and Daniella, where we lived and worked in the famed Barolo region for several years. This period of my life taught me so many important lessons about growing great grapes and making great wine. We also immersed ourselves in the amazing wine and food culture of this gastro-paradise of Italy.

Taste of Life Tours was an idea born from our observations of so many travellers to our region in Italy who really did not know how to get the most out of a short visit to Italy. Where do you eat the best Pasta? Where are the best cheeses made? Who makes the greatest wines? And how do you experience all of these things when you do not know the area?

When you book a Taste of Life Tour experience you can rest assured that all of my years of experience in living, working and enjoying the incredible north of Italy will be put into delivering you an unforgettable once in a lifetime tour.

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